At Biz Group, we’ve been helping organisations become happy and engaging places to work for over 20 years. Happy employees are more productive and that impacts your bottom line.

We created the Happy and Engaging Place to Work model based on years of research, and the latest trends/industry developments. If you want to transform your organisation, we can work with you to map out a bespoke journey.

Effects of happiness at work:

  • 300% more innovation (Harvard business review)
  • 44% higher retention (Gallup)
  • 37% increase in sales (Martin Seligman)
  • 31% increase in productivity (Greenberg & Arawaka)
Happiness & Engagement ConsultancyHappiness & Engagement Consultancy

Happiness & Engagement Consultancy

1, 3, and 12 month consultancy solutions to turn to your organisation into a Happy and Engaging Place to Work