Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an organisation where people are inspired to go to work, are happy, engaged and love what they do while they are there and feel fulfilled when they go home?

Get in touch with a Biz Solutions Advisor and learn more about the research behind the model and the strategies you can employ today to drive a culture of innovation, increase productivity and sales, reduce employee turnover and increase shareholder value.

Within these 5 Pillars and 20 Categories, many companies are not sure where to begin; if this sounds familiar, ask a Biz expert about our Diagnostic Tool, designed to provide you with clear analysis on what you are doing well and where you need to focus your efforts. In addition to a detailed diagnostic report, we will present clear recommendations and collaborate with you to drive employee engagement within your organisation.

If you already have your own employee engagement or culture survey, we can also work with you to build a strategy from your existing data. Whether you need to align your organisation behind a clear strategy, create or launch core values or build a cohesive leadership team, we have helped many other companies and we can help you.


The effects of Happiness & Engagement at work include:

  • 300% more innovation (HBR)
  • 44% higher retention (Gallup)
  • 37% increase in sales (Martin Seligman)
  • 31% increase in productivity (Greenberg & Arawaka)
  • 66% fewer sick days (Forbes)
  • 51% less turnover (Gallup)

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