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Fresh Biz Team Building Event UAE


Game-based training for developing entrepreneurial thinking and smart businesses in the new shared economy.

Peak Performance

Teams guide their explorers up to the summit of Mount Everest and back to base camp. To succeed teams must manage resources, communicate and complete physical challenges. Only the most collaborative teams will be successful.

Flat Out Pyramids

Use the power of teamwork to transform a flat pack into one of the most iconic structural wonders of the ancient world!

The Big Picture Team Building Event UAE

The Big Picture

Create an enormous interconnected multi-canvas artwork reflecting your companies goals and values.

Team Torque

Team Torque’s final rocket powered race provides the perfect balance of entertainment and competitive camaraderie.

Bean Around the World

A business simulation game where teams explore issues of short-term productivity versus long-term strategy, in a highly charged trading environment.

In the Picture

In The Picture is a dynamic and memorable way to show your team just how important they are to your company – in fact to show them they ARE the company!

Need Four Speed Team Building Event UAE

Need 4 Speed

A frenetic table based game that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance.

Go Team Team Building Event UAE

Go Team

A high-tech, tablet based, treasure hunt that turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure.

Beat The Box - Team Building in the UAE

Beat The Box

Teams combine their various skills to develop creative solutions to crack a code.

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