Learning Journeys That Work

What is a learning journey?

As a learning and development professional, I'm sure you've asked yourself: is there a training strategy out there that fully engages learners and fuels long term business results? Our Learning Journey approach doesn't teach employees in isolated chunks. Instead, our journeys present a clear learning path with multiple learning experiences that result in lasting behaviour change and tangible business impacts. 

What's in it for you?

Business results

All of our learning solutions tie directly to your specific business needs and objectives

Increased learner engagement

Learners who embark on a journey rather than a 'one off' training day will be significantly more engaged.

Time gain

We take away admin and chasing from L&D managers, you get that time back to do what you do best.

Business results

Proven ROI

We work with you to understand which business performance metrics you are trying to drive with your learning journey.

Throughout the research, design and development stages we ensure the content is relevant for your specific business challenges.

During and after the journey you have access to reports, on demand. We help you to measure the impact on your business, on all 4 levels of the Kirkpatrick model.

Learner engagement

Rather than learning in isolated chunks, our journeys provide participants with a clear learning path, milestones and progress markers, significantly increasing learner engagement, retention and application.

A blended approach of digital and classroom learning means participants spend less time out of their day jobs.

When learners understand what the end goal is and the steps they need to take to get there, they show much higher levels of engagement.

Time gain

Learning and development managers often slip into the role of ‘programme police’.

Our methodology takes away the chasing, admin and complexity of reporting.

Learning Journey’s free up L&D managers to do the job they were employed to do: coach, help employees grow, and find opportunities to apply learning.



How it works in 6 easy steps...


Working together we define your business challenges and key learning objectives


We understand the audience, operational constraints, existing solutions that work and time frames


Our expert training consultants design a Learning Journey That Works; using a combination of classroom and digital solutions


You review and approve the all of Learning Journey content giving you peace of mind that your team will have an engaging, relevant learning experience


We set up the participants on our online platform giving them an opportunity to see their upcoming learning journey.


Throughout the journey we provide milestone updates and finish off with a final, in-depth report

What's involved in a Learning Journey?

Based on your business needs our expert training consultants research the latest thinking and use our extensive content library to devise a unique learning journey that will speak to your specific challenges.

Participants are given podcasts, videos or reading assignments to do before, during and after the learning journey to keep the content fresh and front of mind.

Insightful assessments such as the Gallup strengths finder, or a 360° Leadership assessment which will give the participant and the trainer invaluable insight into strengths, blind spots and development needs. Findings from these assessments have life-time value and can be applied to all future Learning Journeys

Highly engaging sessions designed to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration, and situational learning application.  Workshops include 70% action based learning and are designed to stretch, challenge and enable participants to apply the learning when back in the work place.

Online, trainer led, 1-2 hour discussion groups. Ideal for remote workforces or learner groups split across different locations. Learners can log in and participate from anywhere in the world. These can also be recorded, saved and revisited at a later date.  They provide links between other parts of the learning journey, keeping the learning momentum and engagement.

Participants are asked to apply their learning to a real-life work situation, serving a dual purpose of reinforcement and real business benefit. Whether it is providing performance feedback, or running a meeting differently, the participants get to experiment and try out their new skills, reporting back on progress in the next stage of the journey.

Our training consultants hold individual sessions with participants to enable development and tackle individual challenges.

Via Axonify, participants receive daily reinforcement of key topics in the form of question based learning utilizing the latest brain science. This is an app stored on any smart phone or tablet and dramatically increases learner retention.

Participants have access to a whole digital library of learning resources including videos from world renown speakers, whitepapers, reports and podcasts, as well as product or company specific information as specified by the client. This enables learners to quickly access the knowledge they need, at the point they need it.

L&D managers and reporting managers can see how a learning journey is progressing for individual participants and for participant groups. They can pull out individual reports, and use this to update key stakeholders internally. These are available via the online learning platform, at all times.

Popular learning journey topics


The Leadership Journey. Building lasting leadership capability.

Performance Management

Optimise individual and team capabilities.

Unlocking strengths

Harness the power of individual strengths to build a stronger organisation


How the best leaders make everyone smarter. Get more from your team without more heads.

What our customers say

Since the leadership journey, my relationship with my direct report has improved significantly. By looking at the roles and responsibilities within the team, talking and meeting regularly we have built a stronger partnership. 

Project Manager

The crew and staff enjoyed every minute of the customer service journey; it was very interactive. The staff continued using the digital application for 3 months after training which  kept the momentum going. I would highly recommend Biz Group for the course material, vast experience and knowledge of the instructors.

Head of Learning and Development

We have had a very good experience with Biz Group over the past 5 years. They are adaptable, reliable and professional in meeting our development needs with our business specificities. I would recommend them to other organisations as their faciliation skills are engaging and impactful in all their sessions

Learning Manager

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