How to set up millennial managers for success?

millennial managers

Published: 11th February 2018

Millennials have already entered the workforce and are now filling senior management positions. Usually, people tend to focus on how we manage millennials but now we must look at how we create great millennial leaders.

Allow them to make changes

This generation of employees is always seeking a new way of getting things done. Though some companies are willing to accept these changes, some are still hesitant about getting rid of the way they do what they do. As a result, new leaders decide to take a step back and halt any innovation to take a safer path.
Instead of encouraging this thinking, current leaders should empower millennials to embrace innovation. Allow them to incorporate different systems and processes through new technology. Don’t fight them on this. Accept their expertise and use it grow your business.

Challenge them

For millennials to lead effectively, they will need to face situations that challenge their skills.
Create opportunities for them to take on leadership roles on a smaller scale. They will have a chance to get better at making those bigger decisions. This challenges their confidence and allows them to gain new technical expertise.

Give them freedom

Having a work-life balance is important to millennials. Giving them a say on how and when they work will increase their productivity. Whether it be working from home or starting earlier or later, you will realize that they work harder to get such benefits. When they work the way that’s best for them, it encourages creativity while giving them the balance they crave.

Don’t be afraid of structure

Setting boundaries and expectations are important. Performance and productivity should not be lowered. They should be able to justify their choices and decisions. This will prepare them as they enter these new leadership roles.
Companies must realize the importance of leadership training for this new group of leaders. In order to ensure that millennials are ready, they must be adequately prepared for new challenges they will face once in leadership roles.

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