Outsourcing vs in-house training

Published: 3rd September 2017

Great companies are always looking to grow and develop their people. That means a lot of training! There are pros and cons to using external training companies vs in house trainers. We’ve weighed them up to help you make the right decision for your department, and your people.



Training companies have entire divisions dedicated to researching, curating and creating the latest training materials from all over the world. It’s almost impossible for in house trainers to compete with that.



Undergoing training in a different environment and with professionals outside the company allows more expertise to be incorporated into the training. You can hire a subject matter expert to deep dive into one specific area for one session. The length and breadth of their knowledge will run very deep. Research also shows that learners are more likely to respond to an unfamiliar figure than someone they know.


Company knowledge

One thing internal trainers will always have over external companies is an extensive knowledge of the internal architecture of their organisation. This will allow for a level of customisation not always possible with an outside supplier.



Outsourcing training saves time and money for your company. Rather than setting aside time and wages for members of staff to lead training, that money is spent on another company delivering the service. Those employees set to lead training can instead concentrate on monitoring staffs progress and development, coaching them through real-life situations.


At Biz Group we try to take a blended approach to our training programmes. We work closely with Learning & Development departments so that they retain the level of control they need to feel comfortable, whilst we take on the leg work of putting together the training programmes with the best content globally available.


Do you have a training need? We’d love to help! If you want a blend of your in-house trainers, and our expert training consultants, we can make that work. Check out some of our training programmes here >

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