How to lead Millennials and their new generation of expectations

Published: 12th September 2018

Millennials have entered the workforce and they’ve begun to change the “traditional” way of doing things. The outlook they have on their employment experience turns out to be very different from the generations before them.
They want instant gratification, get bored quickly and tend to develop their careers across several organizations rather than in one company.
If you want to retain and motivate Millennials, you’ll have to change the way you lead.

So as a leader, how will you get the best out of this new generation and more importantly, every employee in your workforce?

Real social connections.

Social interaction is a must for the Millennial employee. Companies that nurture strong relationships among their employees will see a higher engagement rate than those who don’t.

But how do you build stronger relationships?

1. Create an employee-focused workplace.
Millennials want to enjoy work and the people around them. Provide opportunities for individuals to interact both inside and outside the workplace. The relationships made will foster better engagement and teamwork when it’s time to work on different projects.

2. Seek input and listen to what they have to say.
They have ideas and opinions they want to share and be heard. But in some situations the input should be about you, what can you do to be a better leader?

Help them on their career growth path.

It is not enough to simply manage your employees in the role they are currently in. Millennials desire fast advancement. Listen to them and find ways you can assist in their career development. This one is important because the minute they feel their personal development is no longer progressing they become disengaged and will seek other opportunities.

According to (Millennials in the Middle East and North Africa survey, February 2014) – Millennials below 35 years old would make a change for a chance to get more opportunities to learn on the job or more opportunities for career growth. So to keep your employees happy and engaged, involve them in projects that stretch their capabilities and allow them to learn and grow.

Be their mentor.

As a leader, you must provide empowerment and guidance to your team. The millennial employee would much prefer a coach-like leader than one whose focus is to only supervise them.

According to the Multipliers book, having realistic goals allows for more time to do more development work, therefore, turning modest strengths into towering strengths. Give your employees goals that will allow them to grow and get better at what they are good at. Increase their confidence by asking for their input and giving them issues and tasks to find solutions to.

However, giving them responsibility will not be your only task as a mentor. Millennials want to grow in their positions, so they desire constant feedback and the traditional yearly review won’t work. They want to know when they’ve done a good job sooner rather than later.
A recent Gallup Report shared that 44% of Millennials are more engaged when they have regular meetings with their managers. Take the time to have one to one check-ins with your employees frequently.

Create a link between their work and a bigger purpose.

Millennials want to feel like the work they do every day is meaningful. Discover their strengths and give them responsibilities that allow them to do more of what they love.
Once you know their value to the team, let them know how the value they bring will directly affect the overall mission of the company.


Not all Millennial employees are the same. As their leader, get to know your employees and adapt your methods to their individual needs and goals. This is how you’ll be a great leader to every employee.

Are you interested in becoming a great leader that gets the most out of their employees, Millennial or otherwise? Get in touch with us for more information on our Multipliers leadership training course.

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