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Published: 12th March 2018

When companies find themselves underperforming, it could be related to their employees experiencing disengagement. If employees are unhappy, lack energy and are overall just unproductive, it is possible that they’re disengaged.

As a result of disengagement, companies may notice that they begin to face problems within the organization such as high employee turnover and an increase in toxic behaviours throughout the workplace.

What could be a solution to these problems? The answer is increasing your employees’ engagement.

With that said, employee engagement should be the organization’s number one priority. The key to engagement is being able to do what we do best every-day to benefit ourselves and others. Through using our strengths this can be a reality.

How do we discover these strengths? Using tools such as the StrengthFinder assessment is a great way to start.

Once employees begin to apply their strengths, they will learn to embrace their weaknesses. Getting better at what they’re not good at should no longer be their focus. Embracing strengths will lead to benefits for both the employees and their company. These benefits can be the organization outperforming competitors and significant changes in the level of productivity from their employees as well as an increase in their client’s satisfaction.

 So what happens when individuals and teams apply their strengths?

  • They are 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.
  • Their performance increases by 30% and productivity increases by up to 43%
  • They deliver 33- 55% high financial returns
  • Client satisfaction scores increase by 44%

In the end, taking a strengths-based approach is an option that will allow organizations to achieve great results. It can address future problems that may arise such as attracting the best talent, driving innovation and delivering shareholder value.

If you want to adopt the strengths approach within your organization, take a look at our Unlocking strengths training course. Contact us to learn more.

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