How to build a better culture in your organisation

Published: 10th September 2017

What is culture? 

Culture is: a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterises an institution or organisation.

While speeches and grand plans have some influence on the culture, ultimately, every individual working within an organisation has a part to play in creating and maintaining its culture.

Culture is very little about what we say, and very much about what we do. If we don’t live it, it’s never going to play out as we want. Organisational culture is built slowly over time, not with a quick decision or the writing of a big check.

A few ways to improve the culture in your organisation:

  • Make sure everyone understands and is aligned to your company’s values.
    • It helps if your values are visible and alive in your work space (think wall art!)
  • Address any personnel issues quickly and effectively. When these types of problems are drawn out, they can quickly spread negative vibes across your whole company
  • Talk about your culture in a positive way – behaviours you are aiming for rather than behaviours you want to avoid
  • Give everyone ownership – not just the leadership team. Let everyone know that they have the power to positively or negatively impact the culture
  • Keep your culture evolving. Look ahead 1, 5 or 10 years and ask the question, what should our culture look like at that time? Put plans and milestones in place to make it happen

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