4 ways to become a better leader in 2017

Published: 16th July 2017

There’s more to leadership than a fancy job title and a corner office. Here are four changes you can implement this year to help you get better results from your team.


Get on the same page as your team

Leaders can assume that their teams know what success will look like, even if they haven’t taken the time to explicitly spell it out. That approach can lead to a team prioritising the wrong things and putting energy into projects you don’t care much about, while neglecting the things you do. Clarify, then clarify that you’ve clarified!


Change the way you do one-on-ones

If your one-on-ones with team members typically consist of running through a list of project updates, then are you using your time effectively? Spend face-to-face time on topics that truly require conversation – like debriefing recent work, giving feedback, or digging into a particularly challenging project where your support may be required. Find out what hidden talents your team members have, how could you utilise them differently/more effectively? They’ll be more engaged and productive as a result of working to their strengths.


Revamp how you give feedback

Feedback is the key to success, on an individual level as well as an organisational level. Giving praise is easy to do, delivering constructive criticism can be a more challenging conversation. However, you owe it to your team to let them know if they could do something differently, better or both. Feedback becomes easier to give and recieve when you do it regularly. It is one of the most important tools you have as manager to shape the performance of your team, develop people’s skills, and get the results you want and builds trust. Need some more help giving feedback? Checkout the last feedback workshop


Ask for more input

If you’re not already in the habit of regularly seeking out input and advice from people on your team, make this the year you change that. Ask team members for input on decisions you’re grappling with, on what they’d change to make the business run more effectively, on what policies or practices are getting in their way, on the best way to move forward on a project… on pretty much everything. Create a a safe environment for your team to suggest improvements, and give you feedback.

Great leaders don’t happen overnight; they hone their leadership style over time and constantly work on improving themselves. If you want to transform your leadership style, or you want to change the style of your leadership team, we’d love to help you. Check out some of leadership programmes >



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