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Discovering strengths

You Can’t be Well-Rounded in Isolation

Published: 18th July 2018

by Vicki Haverson, Head of Strengths Development at Biz Group

Trainer apps

The 5 apps every trainer should have

Published: 28th June 2018

give feedback

Silent Judgment

Published: 26th June 2018



How to deal with diminishers?

Published: 8th April 2018

setting goals

How to set inspiring goals with your team

Published: 14th February 2018

Team Building

How to harness your teams’ strengths

Published: 6th August 2017

8 tips for building a cohesive team

Published: 30th July 2017


How to make your office a happier place

Published: 17th September 2017

3 Myths About Employee Motivation

Published: 27th August 2017

6 steps to creative thinking

Published: 13th August 2017


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