Modernise Corporate Learning

Shake up corporate learning in your organisation. Replace outdated training methods and transform disengaged employees into gold-star performers. Knowledge retention is crucial for long-term corporate growth as are employees who apply what they learn to be successful.

Do You Have An Employee Knowledge Problem?

When employees don’t have the right knowledge to take the right actions, they can’t align with company goals, become top performers or make knowledge-based decisions.

This is the crux of an employee knowledge problem.

The Result?

Poor customer service, lost sales revenue, increased safety incidents and a host of other consequences that end up costing your business millions of dirhams.

How do your employees currently learn? eLearning through an LMS? In-person training? Posters around the workplace? These training methods simply fall short when it comes to retention.

Employees who can’t recall key information, can’t put it into practice. So what’s the point?

Healthy Modern Learning Ecosystem

Build A Modern Learning Ecosystem Focused On Employee Knowledge

A modern learning ecosystem that transfers learning into knowledge and knowledge into action (in a fun and engaging way) enables organizations to build a smarter, more prepared workforce. For employees to build knowledge and acquire and maintain new skills, they must learn in an environment that provides:

Axonify Bullet Point 1 Continuous Learning

Say good-bye to ineffective ‘one and done’ training events. Unending, limitless learning and knowledge-building opportunities build better teams.

Axonify Bullet Point 2 Easily Digestable Content

Micro content is easier to consume, remember, and put into practice.

Axonify Bullet Point 3 Adaptable Learning

No two people learn and retain knowledge in the same way or at the same rate. People build knowledge best when learning is based on what they know and what they don’t.

Axonify Bullet Point 4 Knowledge On Demand

If employees need information, it should be readily available in real-time. Your own content repository makes knowledge access a breeze.

Axonify Bullet Point 5 Multi-Device And Multi-Format Support

The best learning isn’t restrictive. It’s accessible when and where it makes sense—in the office, on the sales floor, at home, or while traveling—via desktop, shared terminal, POS system, or mobile device. It should support microlearning content of various types, including video, Tin Can, SCORM, text or images; which allows you to leverage existing content and create new content quickly, while providing the variety that your learners appreciate.

Axonify Bullet Point 6 Gamification

Fun fosters learning. Gamified learning ups the fun factor and drives participation. More participation = more employee knowledge!

Axonify Bullet Point 7 Analytics For Providing Coaching Opportunities

Uncover learning trends, individual weak points, and more, then coach your team to excellence.

Axonify Bullet Point 8 Measurement And Behavioural Assessment

Track the entire learning process – for all employees. Monitor increases in knowledge and identify learned behaviors to drive organizational performance.

Axonify Bullet Point 9 Reports

Measure learning. Finally! Demonstrate the value of corporate learning by tying it to actual business results.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re ready to shake-up learning in your organisation, and empower your people with the knowledge they need to drive measurable business results, let’s talk.


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