Improve Business Results

Until now, proving that corporate training contributes to the bottom line has been virtually impossible. Tying learning and development programs to business outcomes, like increased sales or decreased safety incidents, has been a difficult metric to measure.

Now It’s Time For Learning And Development To Contribute To Your Business

Many L&D departments find themselves in the corporate doghouse. Where they can’t demonstrate how their programs align with key business objectives or they can’t prove their value in a way leaders understand, appreciate, or respect.

Improve business results with Axonify

Where Axonify Can Help

Axonify provides L&D leaders and corporate executives with the tools to strategically approach knowledge building and drive business outcomes first.

Axonify Bullet Point 1 Establish Business Leadership Objectives

L&D Initiatives need a problem to solve or metric to affect in order to be truly relevant. Work with business leaders in your organization to uncover their goals and identify areas for improvement, where your programs can impact their objectives.

Axonify Bullet Point 1 Identify Desired Employee Behaviors / Actions

Pinpoint specific behaviors your employees need to exhibit in order to achieve success and impact the business objective. What do they need to do to sell more, deliver better customer service, or be safer in the workplace?

Axonify Bullet Point 3 Identify Required Employee Knowledge

Focus on the most important things your people need to know in order to take the right actions. Then, give employees easy access to additional information they may need from time to time at their fingertips.

Axonify Bullet Point 4 Engage The Modern Worker

Build a learning ecosystem that engages your team. Make learning fun, continuous, bite-sized, mobile, social, and personalized. When a team is engaged in a healthy modern learning ecosystem, the desired results will happen!

Axonify Bullet Point 5 Measure Success

Let the results do the talking! Implement tools that allow you to measure everything from employee knowledge growth through to behaviors that impact business performance. That way you can demonstrate ROI to business leadership, and prove your programs made a real difference.

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To find out how Axonify really can half your training budgets, increase knowledge retention and have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line, lets continue the conversation and make an appointment with a solutions expert.


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