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Microlearning example on AxonifyMicrolearning is portions of important information distributed often and customised to the learner. It’s NOT one-minute training videos or short pieces of content in an LMS.

It’s digestible chunks of everything your employees need to know. Delivered based on what your employees current knowledge levels are and to further enhance long-term knowledge retention.

Simply put, microlearning is a technique for delivering content in small, focused, bite-sized chunks, several times per week or even daily.

Experience learning moments every day
Short bursts mean focused learning takes place in just a few minutes, right within the work stream.

Interact and connect with each other
Employees encourage each other, share information and compete for points in a friendly manner that makes for built-in motivation and keeps them coming back.

Experience a learning path specifically designed and adapted to them
Everyone learns differently. Our algorithms tailor a learning path specific to each employee—closing their unique knowledge gaps.

Have the freedom to select the learning device of their choice
From tablets, PCs, smartphones or even point-of-sale terminals, our platform is available wherever and whenever your people need it.


Axonify GamificationL&D professionals have long known that traditional training practices are not effective enough: research has shown that the retention of knowledge from standard classroom training is not much better than 10%.

However, over the past few years businesses have realized that learning becomes much more engaging for people when the right elements of gamification are built-in.

Gamification ignites people’s competitive spirit, makes learning fun and keeps them coming back for more. Which means great things for your business.

Gamification is proven to excite and motivate employees to learn by designing a modern learning ecosystem that incorporates rewards, points, leader boards and more.

Organisations that create an environment where employees actually want to participate in voluntarily learning have participation rates as high as 80% and further.


Knowledge On Demand - AxonifyEmployees can access supplemental information and job aids whenever they need to. Pulled from a living repository of information that is populated by your subject matter experts and crowd-sourced by your employee community.

Axonify’s knowledge-on-demand capability builds a bridge between experts, learning professionals and employees that facilitates continual knowledge exchange and sharing.

Find the information they need at the exact moment of need
Searches are quick, in-and-out events. A question comes up and then 2 clicks and 10 seconds later, an answer is found and applied. Simple.

Contribute valuable, relevant content to peers
Knowledge exists all over the organization. Capture, rate and share employee expertise ensuring informal knowledge is never lost and always available.

Become part of the energy, driving the organization forward
It is incredible how morale builds when employees are involved and contributing to the success of their team and, the organization as a whole.

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