Axonify By Industry

Axonify For Finance

Axonify for the financial and banking sectorWe know the challenges of training in the banking and finance industry. Constantly changing regulation makes it difficult to keep employees up to date, while errors from non-compliance could be devastating.

How many retail banking products does your bank offer? Is your workforce knowledgeable when it comes to the markets, offshore banking or Islamic finance?

Axonify is already being used in the UAE banking sector to drive knowledge retention, increase compliance rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Axonify For Retail

Axonify for the retail industryYour retail network relies on people following procedures. From the warehouse to the shop floor, you know a disruption in the supply chain affects profit and is often time consuming to resolve.

With Axonify, you can deliver the same effective training to all members of your team, from logistics to front of house, quickly and economically. It’s 100% measurable, meaning you can spot the problems long before they become a costly issue.

Axonify For Food And Beverage

Axonify - Food And BeverageIs it enough that your staff gets the order correct 100% each time? Are they effectively cross or up-selling without being intrusive? If not you could be leaving profit on the table with each cover.

Axonify develops the biggest competitive advantage you have – your people.

With micro learning you can make sure profitability is maximized without customer service being compromised.

Axonify For Hospitality

Axonify for hotels and hospitalityIn today’s always connected world of social media, you need to make sure your guests are only posting about their good times.

With bespoke content tailored to your company’s exact needs, Axonify is the solution to ensure your staff delivers quality service each and every time.

It’s completely measurable on an individual basis and is a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Axonify For Industry

Axonify for industry and constructionEmployee safety is reliant on your people’s ability to learn and apply safe working practices taught to them.

But what happens when they aren’t engaged with the ways you’re delivering this critical information? The outcomes can be catastrophic for your people and your business.

The Axonify Knowledge Platform enables learning that ensures safe behavior, plus it’s 100% measurable and cheaper than traditional methods.

These are only a few industry sectors and applications where Axonify is already making a huge impact for companies here in the UAE.

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