About Us

At Biz Group, we deliver Corporate Training, Team Building and Organisational Development solutions for the Modern Learner. We drive improvements in employee engagement, productivity and innovation. We develop leadership capability and impact business results for our clients.

Since Biz was established in 1993, we have achieved this through our global partnerships, through the use of next generation technology and through the development of interactive, immersive and impactful experiences that change the way people think and work every day.

We promise 70% of training delivery time will be activity based and we will give you the blueprint to prove it. We promise to source unique, record breaking and inclusive team building solutions that will drive team engagement.

We promise to build sustainable learning experiences that drive long term knowledge retention and learning transfer. We promise to advise and support your organisation as it strives to be a happy and engaging workplace.

Biz Group has been recognised as the a Great Place To Work since 2013 and the #1 for Human Capital by Dubai SME 100. We practice what we preach. We hire people who are passionate about enriching lives and we work relentlessly to keep our team engaged, so they can deliver the best work of their careers when they work with your organization.