About us

The year was 1993.

Our founder Hazel Jackson touched down in Dubai with just $500 in her pocket, a type writer to write out her first training course and a vision; to build a company focused on enriching peoples lives.

Today, Biz Group is home to 60 professionals who still share Hazel's original vision. People are and will continue to be at the heart of everything we do; all of our products, events and learning journeys. Naturally, this passion for people led to the creation of our brand promise: to change the way people think and work every day.

Since 1993 we have grown into much more than a training company. We're proud to say that we've worked with hundreds of leading Middle East companies, helping them to overcome their business challenges and transform their organisations. 

Our office

Our values

Our culture is something we're really proud of at Biz Group. We've built it based on our values and we live and breathe them everyday.

In fact, if you ever feel like paying us a visit (you're welcome any time), you'll find our values all over our walls, being used in all our conversations and proudly presented in all our meeting rooms.

Our trophy cabinet

We've picked up a few awards on our journey that make us smile: